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Videography services

Hello and congratulations!

My name is Tyler Carlin, an Independent Filmmaker and graduate from CSULB in the Cinematic Arts. I have attained recognition for multiple award-winning films in local film festivals, and I currently reside in Newport Beach, CA.

I know you're probably somewhere between stressed and excited on planning your big day, therefore, I am here to provide varying options of high-quality videography at an affordable price!

Like a fly on the wall, I observe and capture the simple beauty of realism, creating a home-movie feel, yet adding the cinematic quality of camera-work and editing.

Above all else, I believe in having fun WITH everyone on that big day, and directing that energy into a genuinely real documentation of a life-changing event. I hope to meet in person and collaborate with you for a memorable experience!


Feel free to visit my website and browse my “FILM” work to get a taste of my style. You will find examples under the “COMMERCIAL” tab!



Option 1 : $400


An entire day of coverage with the Sony A73 camera, shot in 4k resolution quality. Lighting and optional equipment will be provided, tailored to your vision and needs. All the footage will be transferred to a hard drive that you provide. The footage will be unedited, but it fully documents your day. You can edit it yourself, or commission someone to edit the footage at a later time, or simply enjoy the footage in unedited clips. 


Option 2 : $600


Everything from the $400 package along with an edited "highlight reel" around 3-5 minutes long. (Great for sharing on YouTube and Facebook) You will receive a quicktime file along with 3 DVD copies.


Option 3 : $800


Everything from the $600 package, rather instead of a short highlight-reel, you will receive the whole ceremony and reception in it’s entirety. This edit would be 20 minutes in length or more (depending on the wedding) and you will receive the final video within 6 months after the wedding date.

Contact for booking through this site, or at

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