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Elegant Event Videos: 

In 2000 after years of DJing for other Orange County DJ companies, nightclubs, promoters, and radio mix shows. I opened my own DJ service with a simple business plan that relied on two principles. The first principle was to get all formalities straight. Whether its a thematic music mix for cocktail hour, a special edit of the grand entrance music, pronunciations of bridal party members names or sticking to the do-not-play list. I want to make sure I'm on top of all that!


The second principle was to operate remembering what type of an event a wedding or Quince is: an unrepeatable,

life-changing day that is a representation of the bride and groom or Quincenera to their own families, and respectively to their new families. And once again, the object was to make sure all details were covered, while utilizing MCing and music programming skills to make it a fun, special and unforgettable celebration for everyone involved. Keeping these two goals in mind, I went from working a day job during the week while DJing on the weekend, to working as a full-time wedding DJ in Orange County, the city I love!

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